You’ve purchased your dream bike and have been enjoying flying along without a care in the world! You want to keep your bike in good shape, yet where do you begin? Below are a few care tips that you can perform yourself. If you are riding in dust and dirt conditions or putting in high mileage, you’ll want to perform routing maintenance more often. We’ve also included our Annual Tune-Up recommendations to keep your bike in pristine condition.


  1. Wash your bike:  it helps to keep creaks away by removing dirt from bearings and suspension components. But be cautious – avoid high pressure water streams. Choose the ‘rainbow’ setting on your hose sprayer.
  2. Check tire pressure before every ride. How much pressure should you use? There are variables such as type of tire, riding terrain, tubes or tubeless, that affect the correct pressure. Stop by the shop for recommendations on the appropriate pressure.
  3. After your ride – inspect tires for glass, thorns and any cuts on the tread or sidewall.
  4. Check your chain wear every 500 miles.
  5. Inspect your bottle cage bolts – tighten ‘em up.
  6. Is your wheel secure? Grab and try to wiggle it – there should not be any side to side movement.
  7. Running tubeless? Sealant dries out. Replace it every 4-6 weeks during our hot summers and 6-8 weeks during colder weather.
  8. Clean and lube your chain every few rides.
  9. Laying down your bike? Avoid bending the derailleur by keeping it face up. It’s the second most popular service repair following flat tires!


Annual Service to be conducted by a professional mechanic. Our Prime Tune includes:

  1. Whole bike inspection
  2. Bolt torque check
  3. Bike wash
  4. Deep drive train clean and lube
  5. Inflate tires
  6. Align derailleur hanger
  7. Adjust front and rear derailleur
  8. Adjust front and rear brakes
  9. True both wheels and check spoke tensions
  10. Adjust hub bearings
  11. Inspect cable and housing
  12. Inspect brake pads
  13. Inspect chain for wear
  14. Inspect tires
  15. Adjust and torque headset
  16. Inspect bottom bracket
  17. Inspect front and rear suspension (mountain and gravel)