Cycling offers Physical and Psyche Benefits

There are plenty of articles about the physical benefits- weight loss; improved heart health, muscle tone, joint mobility; and reduction of disease. Yet, my personal happiness comes from the mental affects. reports this from Neil Shah of the Stress Management Society: “Cycling is one of the most effective treatments for stress and in many cases has been proven to be as effective as medication – if not more so.” I agree – my emotional well-being gets a huge boost as I cycle roads and trails. It’s not just the physical part. It’s listening to the birds, watching the clouds, feeling the crisp air on my face or the warm sun on my arms, smelling the flower blooms, regulating my breath. It’s taking a break from the thoughts crowding my mind, waving hello to a fellow cyclist, meeting new friends on the trails.  I can feel my body relaxing into the sync of life as I pedal.

How cycling benefits kids

Have you heard of Outride? It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide evidence of the positive impact cycling has on kids. A partnership with RTSG Neuroscience Consultants was initiated back in 2012 by the Specialized Foundation (now Outride) to conduct research focused on understanding how cycling impacts youth. The studies included monitoring change in electrical brain activity of middle school students during a month long five days a week cycling program. You can find all the data at but the bottom line was the discovery of improvements in attention and mood combined with long-term cognitive performance and social relationships. This translates to happier kids. And that translates into happier families!

Cycling is good for your vibes

And read this from’s Dec 24, 2019 article. #4 on their “11 Legit Health Benefits of Cycling”: Sexier Vibes. “A survey…commissioned by The British Heart Foundation found that cyclists were perceived as 13% more intelligent and cooler than other people, and a whopping 23% said a cyclist would be their preferred blind-date athlete.” Hmmm. Have you seen the legs on cyclists?!

‘Nuff said. Get on your bike.

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