Bike Equipment in Fountain Hills

If you are serious about biking and traveling to places with great trails, then eventually you are going to wind up in Arizona and find yourself riding the trails of the area in and around Fountain Hills. This spot is considered by many enthusiasts to be some of the best, if not the very best, mountain biking within a thousand miles in any direction. Yet, coming here is one thing. How, in addition to yourself, do you make sure that you have the right bike equipment and accessories in Fountain Hills?

Replacing, upgrading or repairing your bike’s equipment can greatly enhance your riding experience! From tires and tubes to forks and seats, FHB has everything you need to keep your bike in top performance condition. Come in and check out all the equipment options available to you or call us at 480-836-8827!

Specialized Bikes Tubes - Fountain Hills Bikes

Bike wheels, tires, and tubes

FHB can set you up with all the latest Wheels, Tires and Tubes. From high performance for the most elite racing bikes to more economical versions for more casual riders, come on in and our expert techs will help you figure out from our wide selection what the best option is for you.

Bike Saddles

The proper saddle to match YOUR body and bike is critical for riding comfort and performance. FHB has a wide selection from all the best manufacturers.

Hydration, bottles, and cages

Staying hydrated is vitally important and here in the desert hydration it is even more important. FHB has a wide variety Bottles, Cages and Camelbak hydration systems.


Keeping your tires at the proper inflation level is another key to a safe, comfortable ride and FHB has a wide selection of high quality options.

Bike Lights

Riding at sunrise or sunset can be one of the great riding experiences here in AZ. Keep yourself safe with a properly fitted light.


Knowing where you are or how far you have gone can greatly improve your performance tracking…or just make sure you get home in time for dinner! FHB has all the latest bike technology. Our expert team can help you find the one that is right for you.

If you are visiting Fountain Hills or the Phoenix Valley and you simply can not bring the right bike equipment and accessories with you. You either do not have them or just can not ship them, or you possibly do not want to hassle with it. Your choices then are to buy local or just rent while you are here.

Fountain Hills Bikes is more than happy to help you with both, although renting can make a lot more sense depending on the length of your stay. Certain things are better bought than rented though, such as clothing and shoes which you can get back home and reuse on your own. The actual bike and possibly a helmet might be better rental choices.

If you are a seasoned veteran with your own bike and gear, and you are within a practical driving distance, then just bringing all your own stuff in your car is probably the best thing to do. 'Practical driving distance' is a concept that varies from one person to another, but for Arizona, that typically means two states away. So, anything from California to Texas to Kansas to lower Idaho might count. Just pile it all in your vehicle and bring it with you.

Should you be flying in, it might look like things get complicated, but perhaps not. Taking your mountain biking gear, especially your bike, on an airplane flight is not exactly practical. Even when possible, it's not cheap given current luggage fees and the like. Sometimes you can fit your primary clothes and gear in one piece of luggage and then rent a bike in Arizona. Or alternatively, you might be able to disassemble the bike and pack everything in a large box and then ship it to yourself in advance. Whatever the case may be, you can upgrade your biking equipment with us any time.

For any questions, make sure to contact us and we’ll make sure you’re all set up to hit the beautiful Arizona trails.