Types of Bikes at our Fountain Hills Bike Shop

Mountain Bikes

Imagine yourself cruising over some of the best mountain bike riding in the West. With the sun setting as you cruise back from your awesome ride you say to yourself “Now THIS is why I love to ride!” Sitting right next to McDowell Mountain Park, you can create that very feeling every day! If rock hoppin’ is your thing, come check out our large inventory of Mountain Bikes from all the leading manufacturers.

Road Bikes

Picture yourself crossing that finish line…or having that great feeling after a good work out…or the enjoyment of that great family ride! It’s a great feeling isn’t it? Riders use road bikes for all these experiences and more. FHB has a wide selection for the most experienced athlete to the casual beginner. Come see all the makes and models we have to offer!

Women’s Specific

Sometimes women want a bike that is specifically designed for them. Specialized has an entire line that are designed by women for women!

Hybrid / Cross Bikes

Picture yourself on a nice ride through McDowell Mountain Park when you decide you would like to do a little “off roading”. Hybrids give you that flexibility! The more upright stance in the saddle also make these great bikes for city riders or commuters.


These bikes are great for those that want to cruise around town (perhaps a ride to and around the fountain?), get some exercise or enjoy a leisurely ride in the evenings with the family. FHB sells the best selling “relaxed bike” in the country, the Townie from Electra.

Kids / BMX Bikes

Imagine the whole family out for a ride to the fountain for a nice Saturday afternoon picnic or just cruising around the neighborhood after dinner for some relaxing family time. Kids bikes let the whole family get in on the fun.Want to catch some air on your bike? We also have a wide range of BMX bikes for the more adventuresome!