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It all starts with the right fit to ensure you have a magical ride. A bike fit will give you an overall boost by making your cycling easier, more comfortable and more efficient.

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Our BG Basic Fit includes selection of the bike size appropriate for you. We then adjust the saddle height, saddle setback, bar position and rotation to work best for your body. A level one fit can be performed on any bike.Each bike purchased at FHB includes a free Basic Fit.


Level Two is a 2.5 hour process starting with a rider profile interview, followed by a 20 step physical assessment and 15 step on-the-bike equipment adjustments. Afterwards, your Body Geometry Specialist will provide you with thorough documentation and schedule a follow up session to ensure your satisfaction with your final position. This process is scientifically proven to improve knee tracking, reduce injury and increase power, and is the same method that is used with top professional riders in all cycling disciplines.


The unique demands of Triathlon require that the best rider position combine a focus on aerodynamics with optimized biomechanical performance. Body Geometry Aero Fit sessions use the standard Body Geometry Fit 20-step pre-fit assessment, and then add specific steps to the bike fit to account for the additional variables inherent to the Triathlon position. After the Pre-Fit Assessment, your Body Geometry Fit Specialist will have a complete understanding of your goals, physical capabilities, and body structure, which will allow adjustment of your bike to achieve the best possible position for you. Most critically, they will understand how to optimize your footwear and saddle selection to help you generate more power with the same effort

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