How do I choose the right Mountain Bike?

Obviously, you can not go mountain biking without a mountain bike, and this particular decision is the biggest one on the list. The size and style of bike you get needs to be carefully considered if you are going to splurge on a new one. You want to make sure it suits you and that you will ride it, lest it become another piece of well-intended exercise equipment gathering dust in your garage. Renting various bikes lets you try out a number of models, and consulting with the professional staff at our Fountain Hills mountain biking store is certainly well worth your time. We know the best bikes, as well as the local trails.

What should I wear when biking?

If you are new to mountain biking, you might not be thrilled with the idea of wearing brightly colored and tight clothing. There are reasons for this kind of attire though. The bright and sometimes flamboyant colors make riders easier to see from a distance, which is more of a safety feature than an artistic statement. Also, the tightness protects your health, as loose clothing can get caught up in bike parts or snagged on tree limbs. It also allows for freedom of movement and helps wick moisture off of your skin. Having the right apparel and packs will make your rides more enjoyable. Jerseys and riding shorts can definitely make you more comfortable by wicking away moisture to keep you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. High visibility apparel can also make your ride safer. Packs can help you carry needed items like street shoes, an extra shirt…or lunch! FHB has a wide selection for the most advanced cyclist to the beginner.

What bike gear do I need to start riding?

A Great Bike Helmet  

The number one reason to wear a helmet is to protect your skull and brain. Say it again: protect your skull and brain.  Riding is great fun and while enjoying yourself it’s also important to keep your melon safe! Most helmets are light and aerodynamic enough not to mess up your riding, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing enough that you do not mind wearing it all day, and now also include additional safety features.

Introducing Angi technology. Specialized has added technology which transforms the bicycle helmet into a tracking device, crash detector, and safety beacon when paired to a Bluetooth compatible phone. According to Specialized: if ANGi detects a crash during a ride, it sends a countdown alert to your phone. If you’re hurt and unable to stop the countdown, the app transmits a text alert and your most recently uploaded GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts.

MIPS: This technology designed to work inside the helmet. It’s a slim network contained on the under surface of your helmet next to your head. It’s designed to reduce rotation of your skull under certain impact forces.

Not sure about your helmet? Stop in and we’ll guide you to the best one for you.


A long day in the saddle is often just that, given that a saddle which poorly fits your unique geometry can cause numbness and sore spots over the course of a ride. It’s essential for your saddle to be positioned correctly for your body and touch point. Our varied selection of bike saddles provide outstanding comfort and support, all while helping to minimize blood flow constriction and to relieve soft tissue pressure.  Stop in and we’ll guide you to the best fit for you.

Cycling Gloves

Your gloves do more than soak up hand and wrist sweat and wipe your nose! We see them as a means to also increase comfort and control of your bike.  We carry a vast line of Specialized gloves for mountain and road riding. Specialized works closely with the world’s top medical professionals to create bike gloves with ergonomic, scientifically tested designs that are sure to increase your comfort without degrading your feel or protection on the road or trail. That’s why we wear and sell Specialized. Come in and give them a try.