Gravel Bikes

Off road or wind through the regional parks

Gravel bikes

taking it to the dirt

When the road less traveled is still too crowded, there’s the Diverge. It’s purpose-built for long, all-day rides over rough roads, and to make sure of it, we designed it with an endurance-focused geometry.

Our favorite gravel bikeS

Specialized Diverge

Sometimes, getting lost is the best way to find out exactly where you need to be. And no matter the terrain, weather, location, or type of riding that gets you out of bed in the morning, our adventure bikes will be there for every turn of the pedal. They serve up confident handling and near bulletproof levels of reliability, so all that's left to worry about is whether or not you brought enough snacks. When the road less traveled is still too crowded, there's the Diverge. It's purpose-built for long, all-day rides over rough roads.

Salsa Journeyman

The all-road bike designed with the full versatility to fulfill a wide variety of missions. Fast and efficient riding on paved or gravel terrain. Drop or flat bars.

Financing is available, too

We partner with Synchrony to offer financing for your dream bike. Applications can be completed online or at FHB.

Why choose a gravel bike?

Gravel Riding is exploding in popularity.

From fast-rolling, well maintain dirt roads and fire tracks to blown-out jeep trails, gravel bikes are a go-anywhere solution for those who enjoy the adventure as much as they do getting from point A to B.  Gravel bikes bring the best of road and mountain riding into a frame that’s designed for long journeys on the back roads.  


What to look for on a gravel bike: 

Drop or Flat Bars

Some say that all bikes can be gravel bikes. While this may be true to an extent, specially designed frames featuring drop bars provide an aggressive position for all day rides on the gravel. Or choose the flat bar for an upright, comfort position.

Disc Brakes

Improvements in brake technology over the past decade have ensured that stopping power is transferred from rider to wheel with aplomb. The wider tire setup of a gravel bike needs this stopping power to ensure stability and control on the back roads.

Wider Tires

Certain areas and roads may be passable to the thinnest of road tires, but why sweat it when wider tires can offer more versatility while delivering nearly the same efficiency in pedaling.

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