Bike Gear You Need In Fountain Hills



Fountain Hills, Arizona has a lot of opportunities for mountain biking, and is considered by some to be the prominent place for mountain biking in all of the Western region of the United States. The stunning vistas, variety of trails, year-round comfortable temperatures, and abundance of sunny days per year all combine to make this place a mecca for enthusiasts of this sport. Still, just coming here is not enough, as you need the right mountain bike gear for Fountain Hills trails and rides. Whether you are buying your own set or just looking to rent everything you need, use our checklist to make sure you get the 5 kinds of gear necessary for the hills and trails awaiting you here.

Having the right Rider Gear will not only make you safer but more comfortable while you ride and help improve your performance as well as the enjoyment of your bike. We can help you find everything you need from your helmet to your shoes. Come on in or give us a call at 480-836-8827.

A great bike helmet

No serious mountain bike riding can be done in Fountain Hills or anywhere else without a great bike helmet. It needs to be light and aerodynamic enough not to mess up your riding, but also comfortable and aesthetically pleasing enough that you do not mind putting it on and wearing it all day. These things save lives and prevent paralysis and head injuries that can ruin your quality of life. Riding is great fun and while enjoying yourself it’s also important to keep your melon safe! FHB has all your helmet needs from Specialized and other great brands. If you don’t have a correct fitting helmet or your current one is over 5 years old, come on in and we’ll get you and your family fitted today.

And great biking shoes

Good shoes not only make riding your bike more comfortable but they can really help your performance. They also add to the safety of your rides. FHB has a wide selection of shoes to choose from, come on in and we’ll get you set up.

Awesome biking gloves

Gloves make your rides more comfortable by cushioning your hands against the bars. They will also protect your hands in case of an unexpected fall. We can help you figure out which ones are the best/most comfortable for you, whether it’s half or full finger versions.

Appropriate Bike Attire

If you are new to mountain biking, you might not be thrilled with the idea of wearing brightly colored and tight clothing. There are reasons for this kind of attire though. The bright and sometimes flamboyant colors make riders easier to see from a distance, which is more of a safety feature than an artistic statement. Also, the tightness protects your health, as loose clothing can get caught up in bike parts or snagged on tree limbs. It also allows for freedom of movement and helps wick moisture off of your skin. Having the right apparel and packs will make your rides more enjoyable. Jerseys and riding shorts can definitely make you more comfortable by wicking away moisture to keep you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. High visibility apparel can also make your ride safer. Packs can help you carry needed items like street shoes, an extra shirt…or lunch! FHB has a wide selection for the most advanced cyclist to the beginner.

A solid bike rack

Unless you live within walking distance of the trails you plan to ride or you ride your mountain bike from where you live to the trails, you are going to have to get yourself and your bike from point A to point B. That's likely going to be carrying everything in or on your car or other vehicle. Some vehicles are large enough to just have the mountain bike put in the back seat, trunk, or cargo space, but most cars are going to need a rack either on the roof or horizontally across the rear. You want something easy to put but robust enough to stay on securely in traffic and also prevent your bike from being stolen while the car is parked.

A good water bottle

You have to stay hydrated when riding in order to keep your fluids up. Not only does your body need water to sweat and stay cool, dehydration even in cold weather can mean circulatory and metabolism issues that make you sick during or after riding.

The right mountain bike

Obviously, you can not go mountain biking without a mountain bike, and this particular decision is the biggest one on the list. The size and style of bike you get needs to be carefully considered if you are going to splurge on a new one. You want to make sure it suits you and that you will ride it, lest it become another piece of well-intended exercise equipment gathering dust in your garage. Renting various bikes lets you try out a number of models, and consulting with the professional staff at our Fountain Hills mountain biking store is certainly well worth your time. We know the best bikes, as well as the local trails.