Ah, the lure of the road or trail. It urges us on to challenge our limits, relax our minds or enjoy socializing with family and friends. Yet what happens when the cycling2fun ratio decreases due to injury or other limiting factors? Or your favorite cycling buddy pedals longer/faster than you?

The Electric Bike aka e-bike is here!

The e-bike is a bicycle with a battery-powered assist which activates with pedaling. Choose as little assist as possible or as much as needed. You still get your work-out, only it’s boosted! You can continue to zip up hills, around curves and over rough terrain while maintaining the energy needed to complete longer distances. Or you can enjoy a relaxing ride getting to your destination while still feeling fresh. Think too, about riding with someone typically faster than you. The e-bike equalizes performance allowing both of you to enjoy the ride without compensating speed. The result is everyone is happy!

Consider the positive effect on our environment should you use one for a commute. Slip a rack on to carry your essentials and off you go! Get your work-out in and clear your mind before the job grind starts. Or add a basket for those short trips to the store. Travel quietly and economically. 

National Parks Now Allow E-Bikes

Our local and national Parks are in on the trend, too, as e-bikes are an ecological way of enjoying the outdoors. Check out the August 30 news release from the National Parks Service https://www.nps.gov/orgs/1207/ebikepolicy.htm.  A great way to be responsive to visitors’ interest in pedaling through the Parks. Arizona was ahead of this trend when on 1/1/19 the state officially allowed power-assist e-bikes with a speed of up to 20 mph to have full trail access wherever conventional pedal bikes were allowed. 

Specialized says it well: “E-bikes are you, only faster”. We offer Specialized e-bikes in several models available for urban, cross-country and mountain use. They are a stylish and sleek design, developed from innovative technology and advanced electronics. E-bikes offer the luxury of picking the intensity of your workout. Each e-bike offers several levels of assist from an easy push to a strong heave. Capable of achieving top speeds of 28 mph, they also deliver power at lower speeds with a design for longer battery life. 

Should I choose a manual or electric bike?

Manual vs electric riding is a choice for each of us. Some of us do both! Either way, the goal is to get out and ride. There’s a lot of conversation regarding the speed capabilities of e-bikes. 28 mph may seem fast – and it is – and we should respect that. As riders, it’s important to know our limitations. If I’m unable to handle a manual bike at 20 mph going down a strong curve, then I’m probably not going to be able to safely manage that speed on that same curve on an e-bike.  I’ll do better using a lower assist and enjoy managing the ride rather than the ride managing me. 

Safety is important on any bike. E-bikes can weigh in at up to 49 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to maneuver, especially if you’re used to riding a light frame. With an e-bike, you’ll want to practice a bit with turning and braking on various terrains before tackling the big rides. 

Test Ride an E-Bike at Fountain Hills Bikes

And here’s a life lesson for today: Specialized has taped into Greek philosophy to design and name their e-bikes. What fun is this:

  • VADO – transport
  • COMO – comfort
  • LEVO – elevate
  • CREO – create

Stop in to chat with us. Test ride an e-bike to transport, elevate and create comfort in your future. Open new doors to your riding. And live the life!