Women's Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes



Sometimes women want a bike that is specifically designed for them. Specialized has an entire line that are designed by women for women!

If you are searching for women's road bikes for sale in Fountain Hills AZ, you have come to the right place. Women's road bikes are meant for women for long rides on paved roads. Road bikes come with narrower wheels and a lightweight construction to speed along paved roads. They are highly efficient and specially built for the road. There are so many types of road bikes that are efficient and designed for women. There are many considerations that you need to take into account when shopping for women's road bikes in Fountain Hills AZ. This read offers information on what you should consider when buying a quality woman's bike in Fountain Hills.

For some, roads always lead to adventures in the mountains, or long rides on back roads. For others, it’s throwing down against rivals in spirited bursts of speed to test limits in thrilling competition. Whatever you seek from your road rides; our women’s bikes are designed specifically to meet your needs. From your very first road bike, to the race machine you’ve always dreamed of, these bikes are tuned to let you fly, your way.
The mountain is nature’s playground, and our women’s mountain bikes are designed to deliver fun and adventure. From the newest singletrack explorers to the most seasoned shredders, our lightweight cross-country machines and super-versatile VSR trail bikes are specifically tuned and equipped for the way you ride.

    The race machine

    you’ve always dreamed of,

    these bikes are tuned

    to let you fly... your way

Road bikes are designed to be used for different purposes. One can use such a bike for the purpose of commuting while another may choose it for competitions or long weekend rides. That's where the features of the bike would differ to suit each one's purpose of buying the bike. The lightness of the bike, comfort, size, price, and many other important features should be taken into consideration when buying a woman's road bike. The buyer should be clear on her purpose of buying the bike before shopping for it. One person may need only the comfort and convenience and not bother much about the performance of the product. On the other hand, another person may require a high-performance bike to ride for competitions. Sports bikes are made for women who want to do more than a few trips a month. These bikes are ideal for intermediate riders who are not beginners as well as professional riders. They are lightweight and come with all features one requires for safe and comfortable riding in all weather conditions. On the other hand, if you are a professional cyclist, you should look for a performance bike, which we also have at Fountain Hills Bikes. They are sturdy enough to resist any type of hard training sessions. These bikes are manufactured using carbon material that has a better response to road vibrations compared to bikes made from other materials. All the additional components of the bike are lightweight and made to ensure the maximum performance of the bike.

The right frame size is important when looking for a woman's road bike in Fountain Hills. These frames are usually smaller and easier to handle compared to men's bikes. It is important that you choose the correct size for the frame when buying the bike. If the rider's height is between 172-180cm, she should consider a frame size of 56–57cm. These bikes are labeled "Large" by the manufacturers who make them. On the other hand, if your height is between 155–160cm, you should go for a frame of 47-48cm. These are important features to look for when buying a woman's bike.